Relationship Coaching

As a Relationship Coach, I work with people to help them resolve relationship issues and concerns in the following areas:

  • Couple and marriage partnership dilemmas
  • Emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Reconciling after a partner or spouse has had an affair
  • Separation and divorce
  • Family of origin Issues and concerns
  • Relationship boundary violations
  • Finding relationships that are the right fit for you.
  • When to end a difficult or bad relationship.
  • Recovering from a significant relationship ending.
  • When friendships become problematic
  • Work, job and career relationship concerns
  • Self-employment and family business relationship issues.
  • How lifestyle and career choices impact our relationships

Establishing and maintaining relationships that are a good fit for us is a major challenge for us in being fulfilled throughout our lives.

Wherever we go, we face people and the prospect of having some kind of a relationship. This includes social media, our friendships in the real world, our spouses or partners, our family members including immediate and extended, children, parents, and siblings.

It also includes the various organizations we interface with including work, recreation, social functions, spiritual or religious groups, as well as various kinds of events or community groups we might engage in.

Part of our relationship challenges involves maintaining appropriate boundaries with people, maintaining meaningful communication, maintaining the right emotional accessibility and responsiveness in our significant relationships, as well as how to deal effectively with conflict, problem solving and decision making while maintaining appropriate connections with people.

As a relationship coach, the people I work with facing the most complex relationship difficulties are couples. They may be living apart, living together or married.

More often than not, they come for couple sessions after a long period of either avoiding their issues and concerns or as a result of differences and conflicts escalating in ways that are damaging to their relationship. This makes it more difficult for them to be responsive to each other’s concerns and work through the difficulties. They may also be entertaining the prospect of ending the relationship.

Kinds of People I Most Want to Work with in Relationship Coaching:

  • People who are committed to resolving issues and concerns in their key relationships.
  • People who recognize their part, as well as the others’ part in the relationship difficulties.
  • People who recognize the importance of being collaborative and reciprocal in their relationships with others.
  • People who recognize that not all relationship differences and conflict can be worked out.
  • People who are open to challenging their beliefs, feelings and ways of communicating and interacting with others in service of reaching mutually desired relationship outcomes.

Relationship Coaching Session Appointments

If you would like to work together involving your relationship issues and concerns, contact me by phone at 734-645-5349 or contact me here.

I work with individuals and couples in person in my office, by phone consultation or by Skype depending on your availability and location.

I offer sessions for an hour or longer. I also offer sessions for 30 minutes depending on your interests and availability.

I also have session packages available to offer a discount and to help you commit to making a concerted effort to working toward your relationship desired outcomes.

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