About M. Douglas Evans

I currently work with people who have a variety of personal and work interests and challenges to help them reach their desired outcomes.

I work as a creativity coach with people who want to advance their creative pursuits related to writing, drawing, painting, pottery, photography, mixed media, singing, playing music, performing arts, dance, graphic arts, martial arts and other expressive mediums.

I also work as a consultant and coach with individuals, couples and families who are self-employed, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who are dealing with business and personal challenges in developing their ideas or businesses.

I work with people to help them address problematic work issues and concerns or who want to change jobs, careers or want to start a business.

I also work with people to resolve relationship issues and concerns in their personal or work lives.

My clinical and corporate experience enables me to address both personal and work related issues in depth while working with people to help them reach their personal, business and work related desired outcomes.

Some of my personal interests include: music, movies, plays, dance, art, antiques, flea markets, found and repurposed objects, reading, photography, riding a motorcycle, outdoor activities and motor sports.


As an organizational development consultant and coach starting in 1985, I have done organizational assessments, skill­gap analysis, strategic planning and interventions, as well as leadership development, team development, organizational change initiatives, focus groups, and 360 interviews.

I have helped individuals and organizations with conflict resolution, job and career counseling, organizational communications improvement, customer service and loyalty development, executive coaching, meeting facilitation, instructional design, given presentations, as well as designed and delivered a variety of corporate training programs for management and employees.

I am a licensed Master’s level clinician who has provided individual clinical assessments, counseling and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families for over thirty years.

I have a MSW degree from The University of Michigan and am a licensed clinician in the State of Michigan.

In addition, to working with many self employment individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and family businesses, I have also worked with large companies.

Here are some of the major companies and organizations I have worked with as an organizational development consultant and coach: