The Life Design Coaching Process

Our Life Design Coaching sessions involve one-on-one sessions to help you assess, learn, change and develop in ways that are meaningful in helping you reach your desired outcomes.

Key aspects of the process include:

  • Assessment and feedback related to your current or present state.
  • Help to create a compelling future for yourself related to your desired outcomes.
  • Help addressing day-to-day issues, concerns, challenges and opportunities to help sustain your focus and move forward.
  • Help in accessing resources, and information to help you learn and develop areas of interest, experience and expertise as needed to reach your desired outcomes.

When the process is successful:

  • There is a good fit in our relationship and our collaboration.
  • You take ownership for your development as it relates to you reaching your desired outcomes in ways that make sense to you.
  • We can discuss and address personal, work or business issues and concerns related to you reaching your desired outcomes.
  • Our commitment is on helping you focus on necessary next steps to move yourself forward in meaningful ways.
  • We have regular sessions, as necessary to accomplish your objectives in a timely manner.
  • What we discuss and work on is confidential.
  • We assess your progress throughout our sessions to make sure we are on track and you are reaching your desire outcomes.