Entrepreneurs, Small Business and Self-Employment Coaching

Our coaching sessions related to your entrepreneurial, small business or self-employment pursuits may focus on:

  • Exploring and considering the feasibility of your ideas, products, services and opportunities to being self-employed or starting a business.
  • Identifying a compelling vision for your ideas, products or services.
  • Identifying major opportunities, challenges and difficulties related to your entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • Assessing the transition from what doing now to generate income to what you want to be doing to generate income.
  • Identifying potential lifestyle fit with having the kind of personal life you want.
  • Identifying problematic beliefs, thoughts and emotions related to your desired outcomes.
  • Identifying needed services, people and support related to your entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • Developing a working blueprint for goals, objectives, tasks and activities related to accomplishing your desired outcomes.
  • Identifying leadership styles and practices for effective collaboration.
  • Identifying organizational development challenges and practices.

Many people I work with have ideas related to product or service offerings that could provide streams of income or lead to starting their own business.

Beginning to explore the feasibility of those ideas or what it would take to begin is often a daunting and confusing task.

It is helpful to have a coach to help you define and identify a strategy for how to go about finding out what you need to know in order to begin to move forward. This includes identifying the right expertise, networks and resources related to your specific entrepreneurial pursuits.

In addition, there will be opportunities, challenges and difficulties that will arise where you could benefit from having a key person such as a coach to bounce ideas off of, problem-solve, and consider important criteria related to making key decisions.

I have been self-employed as a psychotherapist and life coach since 1977. In 1985, I began working in organizations doing organizational development that involved organizational assessments, change management, leadership and management development, team development, executive coaching, career counseling and small business coaching. I worked with Fortune 100 companies, medium and small size businesses including family businesses.

One of the challenging things about being self-employed or having a small business is that you initially have to perform many different roles, some of which you may be suited for and others you may not be suited for.


There is obviously a difference between what needs to be done and the kind of self-employment or business you are developing. For some businesses you need to build an organization with a number of people to do what needs to be done. For others, you can do the core business yourself with the help of outsourcing some key aspects so that you don’t need employees or to build an organization.

If you overextend yourself when you are starting out or if the business begins to take off, then your life can become out of balance and affect your ability to take care of yourself and have a meaningful personal life. If you have too much stress with running the business and too much stress at home things can quickly unravel.

In engaging in an entrepreneurial pursuit or beginning to develop your business idea it is an ongoing challenge to keep your self motivated and focused on the right things if you are to reach your desired outcomes.

The greater the number of people involved in running a business the more complexity and time it takes to run. The greater the number of people, there is a greater likelihood of people related problems whether that is with the people who work for you or the customers you work with.

Family businesses can have additional challenges due to a blurring of the boundaries between the family dynamics and the business challenges which creates conflict that can be more difficult to resolve.

If you have been working a regular job and are transitioning to working for yourself, like changing careers you may need to re-invent aspects of yourself or change your beliefs, structure, work processes and work style in order to accomplish what needs to be done.

A coach can help you assess these areas in your life and make necessary changes in order to be effective and successful in what your are pursuing.

Kinds of People I Most Want to Work With in a Entrepreneurial, Small Business or Self-Employment Coaching Relationship.

  • People who have a strong passion around their ideas, products or services and want to pursue them in a meaningful way.
  • People who tend to be proactive, creative and open in how they go about living their lives and pursuing desired outcomes.
  • People who strive to care for them selves and in maintaining a healthy work and personal lifestyle balance.
  • People who value being honest, ethical and fair in their work relationships with others.
  • People who are willing to be accountable to themselves and others in providing meaningful value in the ideas, products and services they offer.

Entrepreneurial, Small Business and Self-Employment Coaching Session Appointments

If you would like to work together related to issues involving your entrepreneurial, small business or self-employment pursuits contact me at 734-645-5349 or contact me here.

I work with people in person at my office, or by phone consultation or Skype depending on your availability and location.

I offer sessions for an hour or longer. I also offer 30 minute sessions depending on your interests and availability.

I also have session packages available to offer a discount and to help you commit to making a concerted effort to working toward your entrepreneurial, small business or self-employment desired outcomes.

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